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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and disorganisation in your life?
  • Do you struggle to have the physical energy and mental clarity to do everything you need to do?
  • Would you like some advice and hands-on help to make your home and work life more fun and less stressful?

I am Patty Cruz-Fouchard; a productivity and organisational expert.

I help overwhelmed, busy people just like you to be more organised and productive so they can reclaim their time, boost their clarity and focus and live a calmer life.

If you’re drowning in clutter, struggling to work out what’s important to you and paralysed every time you need to make a decision, you are not alone; especially if you are also going through one of these stressful situations:

  • Family: new baby, divorce, bereavement, blending families
  • Life: preparing for major school exams, moving home, downsizing, relocation, redundancy

Since 2012 I have worked with hundreds of individuals advising them how to get rid of clutter and helping them implement systems and routines which eventually become habits.

I can help you:

  • With you diary/time management
  • By sorting out your space (streamlining, repurposing and decluttering)
  • Improve your information management (filing systems, email management)
  • With life transitions (moving home, divorce, bereavement, school exams)

“Work with me and you’ll see that I ask incisive questions, break down projects in to manageable chunks and inject the focused energy you need to succeed.  Resourceful and positive, I am very empathetic and will keep you motivated and accountable as we work together.  A self-styled Extrovert Nerd, I have the background, skills and talents to help you reclaim control of your life.”

Welcome to the Organised Life with Patty – My YouTube channel

Here I share the strategies and tips I’ve learned along the way to make life easier. You can learn how to be more organised and productive.
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